Thursday, 28 June 2012

In the cards, tarot card readings.

I had my first tarot card reading done the other day. At the Inner harmony store was a tarot reader named Hazel, she was a curvy middle aged woman with blonde curls and a bit too much turquoise eyeliner under the eyes. Still, I preferred Hazel's normal attire for a tarot reading than a gypsy costume. For fifteen minutes she ran over my current happenings in life, health, love, work, family and warnings.

My reading
I flipped three tarot cards the high priestess, strength and blindfolded woman holding two swords. Hazel's reading was in my life situation I felt frustrated and stuck. I couldn't move forward or back. However, I was using all my strength I could muster to overcome the situation and it showed I was strong enough to continue and not fall from this. The high priestress meant that I am an intuitive person.

Next up I had to choose 10 cards. To sum up she talked about me needing to have a medical check up soon (how intrusive! haha), the love of my life now isn't the one (ouch!), stay out of family conflict, becoming my own boss, I will travel and get mugged/robbed soon. Not everything I was expecting or wanting to hear. 

Was she in the right ballpark? The thing with horoscopes and fortune telling is you will always try to associate it to your life. Honestly, the main points she pointed out to me about my love, work and current situation are all relative and true to my situation. But with the robbery, travelling and medical check ups, I have yet to experience and because it is so broad it is hard to believe. eg. there is always a likely chance anyone getting their reading done could be robbed, go travelling or get sick soon.

I would say I want to be a believer but I am also critical on the art. I decided to go tarot reading because it was something new and because I am interested in the fortune telling mumbo jumbo. It gives me direction and just to be on the safe side I am holding onto my wallet much tighter these days.

mystical nana


  1. Very interesting, I hardly ever meet someone who is "interested" in tarot card readings or tarot card users. Honestly, I was first skeptical about it too, but after awhile, the cards that I picked were related to my "outer" life and "inner" life. Of course, I do not completely rely on the cards, purely because I still want to have control over my own life. But having some indication of where I stand is life, those are useful information whenever I can't seem to go beyond my current state. :)

    1. u summed up how i feel about tarot readings and horoscopes. Yeh, its a good sense of direction when I'm feeling stuck. How often do you go Wai?

  2. i haven't tried tarot card reading, i don't think its a good idea, hehe.

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