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me♥I'm from Australia (Perth available for pick up)♥I do not model on request

info♥Prices do not include shipping. i ship internationally ♥Australian shipping: $6.60 for parcels up to 500g. ♥Australian buyers ($AUD): paypal (gift), concealed cash, money order + bank deposit avail.♥International buyers ($AUD) : accept paypal only (gift)♥I am not responsible for lost/damaged items/cash to or from.♥No exchanges/returns


(Nail polishes AUS only)ulta 3 red glitter $1 swatched 1xZoya - piper $5 swatched 3x

revlon lip tutti frutti, pink truffle $6 used couple of timesbanila co BE111 parisienne - swatched 1x $5australis colour inject mineral lipstick - mambo $5 swatched 1x peripera lipstick - orange #13 swatched 2x $5 (peripera stock image for #13)

benefit erase paste mini - new shade 2 medium $4benefit cha cha tint 95% left. $20 ( authentic bought from the benefit US website - i have the invoice if you want to see it.)

mac eyeshadow quad $15 used twiceestee lauder eyeshadow quad $6 used once - ravishing auburnnatio blush shimmer palette $5 in desert rose. used couple of times. 90% left 

madison brush set $3

sax eyeshadow pens, innoxa & random brand eye shimmer/shadow innoxa brown eyeliner pen Bundle for $6 varying degrees of use new to 70% left.

Posted Image24 fake nails - $2

Posted ImageNew smoky eye and lash kit - includes lashes, jewels,eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow $5


Posted ImagePosted Image
Petite colar two toned dress. 
 $20Quality is very good - has inner silk lining.One size - about small - medium (check the measurements above)good for autumn/winter or evening events

 Posted Imagesass & bide dress - medium $30 NEW
bagsPosted Imagerosetti bag includes pouch. $15gifted - never used
Posted Imagekathy bag $20used but in mint condition
Posted Imagesakura blossoms tote bag $5

Posted Imagemelody vinyl tote $6really cute & big - glue stain is coming through
Posted Imageharajuku lovers bag $8
Posted Imagefaux camera pouch. cool novelty $4

random stuff

Posted Imageds soft pouch $2 Posted Imagepopobe bears $2 eachPosted ImagePosted Imagefluffy phone charms - bunny / micky NEW $2

Posted Imagediy phone charms / earrings $1 eachPosted Imageplushie phone charms $2


  1. mac eyeshadow quad $15 used twice
    hi how much is the shippin to canada for this please?

    1. Hi using the australia post website

      your package would cost $8 to ship by sea mail.

  2. hey what size is the birds summer dress, cheers!

    1. thats silly of me to not add size. its a small.

    2. its an AU size 8 or 6? how fitting is it? like is it stretchy or tight?

      hey u're in perth??? me too!! yay! :D

    3. yay indeed fellow perthian! u can save on some shipping then.

      i usually run a size 8 - 10 in aus clothing. the back has a bit of elastic so it can accommodate for bust size.

      let me know if interested :)

    4. yay okay~

      i think am about the same size :P

      was just wondering if u still had this 'NEW picture / photo hanger - includes line and 8 black bird hangers $5' available?

      cheers xox

    5. yep i have another one available. are u looking at my lj?

      u sure like birds :)

      u can email me at lil_minka17atyahoodotcomdotau if you want to pick them up or postage.

  3. In the gallery to Melbourne 3163
    What is lowest you can ship it for (hoping for $3-4max)
    or are you in Melbourne for pick up by chance?

  4. woops..just saw Perth:)

    1. lol yeh. I'll make it $4 shipping if you pay by gifting on paypal or bank deposit.

  5. Omg! Is the jacket still for sale? (I know this comment is waaay late)

  6. hey can i get the maddison brush set and bundle of shadow sticks please

  7. Is the benefit chacha tint still available?