Friday, 30 March 2012

Revlon Lip butters FINALLY in Australia

If you have been following any beauty guru on youtube or online you would of heard the ravings on the revlon lip butters since last year. The lip butter is described as between a lipstick due to the intense colour pigmentation and the texture of a balm. All colours are named after desserts and come in 20 shades with an exclusive to the UK colour in "macaron".

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wishlist: Nail polish collections 2012

I'm just going to quickly run over some of the upcoming nail polish collections and point out my favourites.  First off is a collaboration that makes more sense than pirates, spiders and cowboys with nail polish and it is the Hed Kandi (House music brand) x Model's Own nail polish. The collection will be released in early April in the UK. Ibiza mix makes me want to dance but upon the realization that shipping costs to Australia ($20-50AUD alone!) from Model's Own website is a major party pooper. 

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

So back to my crazy cat lady stories...

So this is my new nail swatch...don't mind me, forgot to shave. Jokes aside, this is actually a new discovery for me. Pet nail polish. I was searching for some nail polish and stumbled across a version of designer dog nail polish. O.P.I had released an animal friendly nail polish range in 2007 called 'pawlish', fortunately/unfortunately it has been discontinued. This is just bizzare for me and unneccessary. It reminds me of playing computer games where you dress up your neopet but this is applied to the non electronic version.

Are you going to purchase these for your little diddums?

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Shini star lip balm! because girls are like magpies....

shini star lip balm taemin

Shini star tinted lip balm is a limited edition product brought to you by Korean brand Etude House. Etude house has used a pun on popular korean boyband Shinee to name its product and market the balm. I crossed the pedo border and bought Taemin's favourite flavour in guava.(I'm the same age as their oldest so so it's okay) 

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Miss Haggle Hart

I blame my family and the economy. I am an extreme bargain hunter. Retail prices are for suckers.

I think it may of begun when I saw my dad haggle at an electronic store. That night I was watching the Simpsons on our 40% off LG plasma television. Why ever pay full price I thought.
I have a slightly above average pay scale for the odd twenty something year old but even so I will fight tooth and nail for that discount.

I always wondered if with age my buying habits would change. I still don't have the heart to part with my cash for upscale designer brands. Fashion trends continually recycle. Is it ever worth paying a week's pay on something that may go out of style in the next season? Maybe  finding "The One" item is like finding Mr./Mrs Right, as the infamous lyrics of Mr Buble "I just haven't met you yet..."

Have you found your everlasting love? "The one"? (partner or fashion must have :p)

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Crystals are a girl's best friend

the face shop BK901 black nail polish, australis crystal colour top coat

I lie, when I said crystals are a girl's best friend but hey these flakies try their best.
Dearie, these flakes look bland in the bottle but on coloured nails they turn shiny, shiny colours in the sun!
Depending on their properties, you can get flakes that come in one type of colour or multiple colours (like the Australis one I bought). 
You can tell I'm an ozzie ozzie ozzie by my use of u in "colour".

I really wanted to try a colourful holographic flake top coat and picked up an Australis crystal colour top coat (RRP $8.95AUD). I actually got them for $6 at Big W. I'm a penny pincher! A friend told me it looks like nail polish vomit but I feel it reminds me of a show I used to watch as a kid called "Art Attack". Whatever you call it, here's some places to get your own splash of colour. 

Australian market alternatives:
International market alternatives:
  • Nubar in 2010
  • Finger paints - special effects range
  • Sally hansen in hidden treasure (discontinued-try ebay)
  • Zoya 2012 fleck holographic