Thursday, 31 May 2012

Popular - revlon

Late on the ball again but better than never, right?!

This was what I wore for my easter trip down south. We were staying at a resort for two days so I decided to be practical and go for lighter colours. If there was a smudge, no one would be able to tell. Revlon's popular is layered over two coats of essences's nail polish 05 sweet as candy. 

Sunday, 27 May 2012

shopbop prize

I've been lucky recently in more ways than one. I won a $100 shopbop voucher giveaway from Ahleessa from Ahleessa 4 Realz blog a couple months back. 

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Love from Hong Kong (swap)


It was another bleak Autumn day but a box on my door step from Hong Kong brought a smile to my face. 
I contacted Jacq after following her beauty blog and was jealous of the amazing products she reviewed and had access to in Hong Kong. 

Sunday, 20 May 2012

My first venture into the Ulta-terestial (Ulta3 nails)

Let's go back a few years, when I was an oil-soaked working teen in the fast food industry. When I got my pay I would spend it on comics or soft toys. I never bothered with beauty products but on the rare occasion I would go buy myself a $2 nail polish from the pharmacy. They were absolutely horrid; streaky formula, needed a thousand coats and smelt like death in a bottle. I never looked back when I got my hands on my first china glaze bottle.

Yet, the beautiful ladies on the Australian vogue forum had created a 250 page thread on an Aussie brand nail polish I had never heard before. Ulta 3 is a pharmacy-bin-diving-$2-trendy-range of nail polishes. With the fear of horrible nail polish instilled in me verses the bargain brain, curious cat that I am....the cat won. 

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Essence Vampire's Love nail polish auction. Any takers?

Happy mother's day lovelies,

 Remember it's a day to honour the woman who gave you life but don't forget that it shouldn't be only today that you show her your appreciation.

24/5/12 - ITEM TAKEN :)
Moving on, I found these bad boys in my closet. I had got these Essence Vampire's Love nail polish  for an online swap but the person bailed. I've swatched these once. I'm still borderline wanting to sell these because they are limited edition but with the right offer I might let them go. Postage in Australia $7 (maybe further if you are willing to pay).  No single sales.

Swatches for colours here: gold old buffy, the dawn is broken, into the dark and hunt me if you can.

Comment below for offers.


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Ebay Bargain Jewellery Fix (all under $5)

I'm not that much of an accessories person. Sometimes I go through phases and buy,buy, buy.
I usually just buy on ebay from Hong Kong or Taiwanese sellers for simple or funky pieces of jewellery. Some of them are too good a deal to pass.

Some items I've had my eye on and all with free shipping! ($AUD) :