Sunday, 1 July 2012

Resolution check up & NO BUY JULY

It's July and I've been stuck in a rut. You can tell by me seeking fortune telling with tarot cards in the last post. For some reason I thought of my 2012 new years resolutions today. I had to dig around to find them but I had actually wrote ten based on self improvement.

Looking at all ten, I have not consistently stuck to any! Probably shouldn't have had so many...

2012 new years resolutions: 

  • deepening family bonds   (have not done)
  • learn more from my mother  (have not done)
  • improve fitness - did really well in summer and slacked in winter
  • find something I love to do in, career wise. - tried looking, no spark
  • get motivated - what the hell was I thinking? what does this even mean?
  • get organized - on and off with journal
  • read more - went to the library yesterday....
  • keep finance goals - slacked off mid year
  • learn a new skill or hobbie - nail obsession
  • improve vocab - starting to read..

I knew I wouldn't stick to them so I even wrote an action plan. Still the main thing is commitment. Without it I haven't really got anywhere. I'm the type of person who goes in gungho about an idea but doesn't stick through with it or even think of the practicalities. 

It's going to be another one of those years. Like EVERY year...

How are you going on your new years resolutions? Did you make any changes and any helpful suggestions for an unmotivated nana?

Moving on, Em has given me a great idea - NO BUY JULY! This is a great movement to help me keep my cosmetic stash at bay from being labelled insanely large and save for a macbook pro. Jump on the bandwagon darlings!
 (P.S we'll see how long this lasts...sorry lancome rogue in love lipstick, you don't belong in my arms yet.)

"motivated & commited"


  1. Are you part of the Aussie Nails Facebook group? Come join! Most of us are having issues with No Buy July already haha, I've downgraded to Low Buy July *shameface*

    1. thanks for the suggestion! i've sent my request to join. haha same here! i was going to go all out and do a no buy july on clothing,jewellery and cosmetics. Sadly, I saw ASOS sale so I've reduced it to only cosmetics :(