Monday, 4 June 2012

Delicious Face of Australia Sheer Gloss Lip Crayons

I popped into my local Big W for some photo hangers and came out with a bundle of sweets, undies and lip crayons. I should never be allowed out or my wallet would continue to cry. I've never been a Face of Australia fan just on the shallow basis of boring packaging. However the Sheer Gloss lip crayons they had on their counter caught my eye. 

Three chubby lip crayons with the delicious names of macaron (red), sundae (nude) and cupcake (deep pink) are in a set for $15AUD. On the back, it claims these crayons provide moisture, glide on smooth and light as a feather on the lips. These pens are wind up and don't require sharpening.

Top to bottom: macaron, nude, cupcake

I have a cold at the moment so I can't really tell scents as well but it does have a vanilla smell. It isn't too strong. It does what it claims, I like the how my lips feel hydrated with it on. It doesn't accentuate lines and is a lot lighter than a lipstick or a gloss in terms of texture. Colour lasts for about an hour or so and leaves a pretty stain. Swatches below, my lips are a bit dry and you can't tell with the product on. 1-2 coats of each on.





Overall, I don't regret buying these. I don't have anything similar in my drawers and it's quite good value for money. Macaron is a good starter red for those a bit shy of bright colours.

In the US, Revlon have recently come out with Just Bitten Kissable Lip stain/balms in crayon format too. Read more about them here. These are more pigmented if you are looking for an alternative to these crayons. I'm going to have to rummage through ebay and grab myself one. No point waiting for an Australian release. Takes too long and would cost more anyway. 


P.S A side note, I love how the brand name is "Face of Australia" but these pens are actually made in Taiwan. 


  1. Wow love these, I haven't seen them yet! I'll have to look out for them :)
    Thanks for sharing!