Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Come and chat to your Nan.

Hello Kitties,

It's the hour after Valentine's day and I spent it in the comfort of my pjs and my laptop(FOREVER ALONE). I'm imagining the next 60 years I'll be the renowned crazy cat lady on the corner. So if you follow this blog you can see the demise all in front of your eyes. With that bright start, I'll introduce myself. Nana? Well Nanna nap is supposed to be about my boring, long winded old lady tales but I'm really a fake nanna.

An imposter you say! Well I'm actually not THAT old yet and my modern take on a nanna is nana. Basically, I'm a mix of things I don't even know. Sometimes I am childish, other times I act like a little old lady - I wish I would make sense.

Either way these are my rambling thoughts on doily covers to cat whiskers.

Another cookie?