Monday, 18 June 2012

Nail polish - more than just coloured chemicals

If my house was on fire and I had only one thing to take.....well I'd take my car keys. Did you think I was going to say my nail polishes?! That would be insane but they are what I hug at night, other than my future cats. (I don't own any pets at the moment).

Men and few women ever understand why people have nail obsessions. I think deep down, I love art and pretty things. I have always desired a tattoo but could never figure out what design would forever be inked on me. I'm not the tramp stamp kinda lady. Nail art/colour is just an alternative way for me to express myself at a moment in my life. Today it might be floral pastel and next week a rocker black. I won't have everlasting regret if I get a dragon on my nails than on my thigh.

You know how parents always say out of their children there is no favourite? Well they lie, inside they have a slight bias for (insert name). Out of my babies I would say I will always hold my Gold flash bottle by American Apparel on a pedestal (for now till it gets a B+ on its exams).

Maybe its more than the shiny gold foiled nails that arise from a spread of this bottle. You know you are crazy when you begin to have sentimental flashbacks from a nail polish bottle. Still it reminds me of my lovely trip to a city called Adelaide. I went over for a wedding, I bought this from their American Apparel store and after much persuasion painted my toe nails (I'm always under the impression old women paint their toe nails). The ceremony was in a green garden area in the bushy hills. I being the unprepared wore 4 inch heels and finding the place took a 5 km walk to a secluded little area with rocks and more hills. I went barefoot all the way and after the ceremony it began to rain. Always my luck but I thanked the stars I wore the nail polish. No matter the obstacle, as long as your feet look good is the saying. (I may have made that up)

That was a long barefooted walk down memory lane. Don't make me look like a loony toon and tell me your sentimental cosmetic story...

-Forever barefoot in gold


  1. Hey Nana, how did you get your american apparel polish?

    1. theres a couple stores across australia. unforunately in the city i live but when i went interstate i got it there.