Saturday, 23 June 2012

Ulta 3 magnetics - enchanted indeed.

I was able to skip the cracked nails fad and magnetic nails were heading down the same path. I was able to resist the china glaze and layla version of magnetic nails. I caved in when I found out Ulta 3 had released their own affordable range of magnetic nail polishes at the beginning of June. At $5 a bottle including one magnet design, I was definitely enchanted. 

 So far the range released includes six colours, on the dark purple/pink and silver side. I picked up three polishes and three different magnetics.


  • Enchanted - silver packed with shimmer (more visible shimmer particles than spellbound)
  • Spellbound - black with shimmer
  • Seductive - metallic purple

Magnets (labelled by number for different designs)
  • P03 : diagonal lines more compact than P04
  • P04 (generic one included with all polishes) : 2-3 diagonal lines
  • P05: straight lines (can be used vertically or horizontally) 

I am loving these! It was hard to get my hands on any magnetic polish in Australia so I gave up. I can't compare with the other versions available but I'm really liking these dark colours for winter and for the price I didn't hesitate buying half their range. 

What intrigued me was Ulta 3 included shimmer particles in some of their polishes. The only other shimmer packed magnetic nail polish I have seen is Layla's Magneffect nail polish in Silver galaxy. By the swatches, I would say enchanted is a close dupe. 

The magnetic is the square on the far left.

If you're new to magnetic nail polish, you layer one coat of the magnetic nail polish and wait for it to dry. With one nail at a time, layer a second thick coat and hold the magnetic above the nail for twenty seconds. The pattern should form with the help of the magnet.

Always easier to see it in demonstration form, so here's a video: 

Where to get Ulta 3 magnetics?
At the moment these are pretty hard to spot at your local Australian pharmacy. I called up Ulta 3's customer service line and Tara (I think that was her name) kindly searched for the closest places I could get my hands on these bad boys. I recommend calling, I emailed them too and they still haven't gotten back to me.

Have a go and let me know what you think!

Ulta happy


  1. Oh how exciting! I'll definitely give them a call as I have no idea where abouts they would sell these near me!
    Thanks for sharing :) xo

    1. hahah, yeh I didn't think i could stand doing a drive around. calling is so much easier. good luck with them!

  2. $5 IS CRAZY CHEAP! Hopefully these are good though!

    1. i keep trying to do a good nail swatch but i keep moving and bumping it! gah. one day haha

  3. Ehmm.... Good. I like it.
    It’s nice to be a friend with you.
    But may give you somethings special.
    You should to try it. It’s free, friends.