Monday, 12 November 2012

Michael Kors watch and diva kinda dupes (Aus)

I'm not the type that wears watches. Usually I just grab my phone to check the time through out the day. Recently, I've been loving arm candy and a watch with some hot bracelets can make a plain outfit more refined. I went into a mad search looking for an oversized watch. Michael Kors watches had a design appeal to me that out shined the other brands. The one I purchased is called the Ritz Chronograph Glitz watch (what a fancy shmancy name). What mesmerised me most is the subtle pearlescent face. 

Where to buy?
In Australia, we don't have a physical store that sells Michael Kors products but his watches are sold at Myers and David Jones. Buying it physically in one of these department stores is gonna cost you more. My watch is the MK5020 and it is being sold for $359 in Australia. The cost in the US is $225USD. You can purchase through Michael Kors official website through their online chat customer service or by phone. No online store is open yet. Shipping for a watch alone to Australia is $30USD. Still considerably cheaper than buying from a department store here. 

Kinda dupes for females
Not everyone wants to shell out that amount for a watch and when I was browsing diva I noticed the similarity of some of their watches to the Michael Kors range. Click image for link.

Not exact but the diva version (left; available in silver,rose gold and gold) is $29.99 vs Michael Kors Runway watch for  $225 USD. 

diva version is $34.99 (left) Michael Kors is the Blair in espresso (right)

What's your fav watch? 


Saturday, 3 November 2012

Feel like a Swap ?

With the successful swap with lovely blogger cats_n_nails, I've been wanting to do more! 

  • I am wanting to trade for those on my wish list .feedback here
  • Check out the blog sale too. 
  • From Australia. Will ship internationally.
  • Most polishes swatched 1-2 times unless stated
  • PS. able to get fantasy fire or any aussie polish CP ask. 

Bys colour changers : glitter purple, glitter blue, blue

essence colour to go : got a secret, movie star, where is the party?, blue addicted

ozotic 513 (2 hand mani), china glaze OMG, china glaze DV8

zoya kotori, rimmel wine hot, australis sin city

coco lacquers in mint and red, max factor diva coral and red carpet glam

the face shop polishes - all avail.

zoya miley , zoya piper (80% left), china glaze IV(70%  left)
face of australia pastels - castle on a cloud.

opi , midnight in moscow, tonymoly TR10, essie minis power clutch and very structured

ulta 3 : magnetics spellbound and seductive (both come with magnetics)
ulta 3 antique copper, tropez

lta 3: purple pumps, mermaid green, jelly, tangelo

china glaze - luxe and lush, unnamed pearl and black holographic glitter

chi chi polishes - all avail.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Sephora now online for aussies

Aussie ladies, we have been deprived for so long. Well we could use those american shipping services but requires more effort to understand fees etc. Sephora is being brought through to us by online mall Tarazz . Prices are said to be comparable to the US or cheaper on some items. Postage on average is said to be about $17 depending on item size. Sounds like the downfall in this story but can be overcome by buying in bulk. Will be trying them out soon. Let me know how you ladies go with it.