Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Revlon Conspiracy: Where is Revlon NOT on sale?

[L-R] lip butters: peach parfait & strawberry shortcake
 nails : sheer blossom, lilac pastelle & cloud

Good day Dearies,

I picked up some revlon products from the "Buy One, Get One Free" (BOGOF) promotion for Revlon lips and nails range currently at priceline till the 23rd April. Except for cloud, I got that at Gloss for $4.95. Finally, this promotion makes the revlon lip butters much more affordable and lessens the rage I have for overpriced cosmetics down under. If you purchase $60 on selected brands at priceline you get a massive beauty bag of goodies for free. My wallet thanked me however for deciding to stop at 2 lip butters and nail polishes.

I strolled around for a while and noticed some sort of Revlon conspiracy. Everywhere I looked Revlon was on sale or it could be sale season. Here's the deals :
  • Target $5 off lip and nails range ( Ends 18/4)
  • Myer $8.95 nail polishes & BOGOF skincare (Ends 29/4)
  • David Jones ~25-30% off selected ranges (Saw this at my DJs, not sure when it ends)
  • K Mart $8 off colour stay range (Ends 18/4)

[L-R] sheer blossom, lilac pastelle, cloud & (mystery colour)
 1 coat swatch

Sheer blossom is a sheer pink with a sparse spread of silver shimmer. Lilac pastelle is unexpectedly more like a cool pink than a true lilac and Cloud is blue creme with a hint of lilac. Last of all is a mystery colour which will be reviewed soon. I just couldn't help swatch it! sorry :P suspense is my middle name.

[L-R] sheer blossom, lilac pastelle, cloud & (mystery colour) 
2 coat swatch
 Sheer blossom is a beautiful colour for lazy days. It is the only nail polish that I have ever finished and the first one to ever be repurchased again. Mind you my first one lasted for more than five years. Lilac pastelle and cloud are opaque with two coats.

[L-R] tutti frutti, pink truffle, peach parfait, 
strawberry shortcake & berry smoothie

Last of all is my two new babies being welcomed into my family of lip butters. I don't think I could choose a favourite child. I might do some lip swatches but I'm sure you have had enough of those. 

So, anyone feel like going to priceline?

Cosmetic conspiracy theorist,



  1. hehehe I'm avoiding Priceline. I think my wallet needs a break.
    Maybe all the Revlons are on sale because they're finally going to update their bottle/packaging design :)

  2. wow - amazing deal at price line. I have also Tuttifrutti, berrysmoothie and peachparfait :P

    1. lol, how much are they in hK and how many shades available?

    2. hkd$98 each (about aud$12) and only 10 shades available - so I got cherry tart, berry smoothie and peachparfait.

      I got in my US swap tuttifrutti and sweet tart - so so so yummy looking!

    3. ooo, nice picks. actually i dont know if they sell all 20 here..i don't rmbr seeing sweet tart but dw we have all the colours u wanted in the swap haha.