Friday, 6 April 2012

Battle of the sheer lippie. Fight!

L'oreal Nutrishine|Dior addict|Revlon Lip butter

Sheer lipsticks are a great way to look polished even when you are having one of those bummer days. 
An easy look for summer and spring. Doesn't require constant check up and easy to apply without a mirror. These lipsticks are the love child of lipsticks, lip glosses and lip balms.
 Don't ask me how that works. 

Who would be the champion in this lipstick jungle?!

Contender one : L'oreal Nutrishine in FR102 Shiny Grapefruit
shimmery pink with coral undertones
3.5g, RRP $22AUD, contains Royal Jelly and Shea Butter

Contender two: Dior Addict in 465 Singuliere
pale pink
3.5g, RRP $49AUD
less wax than a normal lipstick and a reflecting gel

Contender three: Revlon lip butter in 050 Berry Smoothie
medium pink/plum
2.55g, RRP $22AUD
contains Shea, Mango and Coconut butter

3,2,1 ......Fight!

Round one: Pigmentation
1. Revlon Lip Butter - one coat would suffice for a sheer look, 2 for brighter lippie
2. L'oreal Nutrishine one to two coats.
3. Dior addict - needs two coats for colour to show

Round two : Texture
1. Dior addict - feels like you have barely anything on
2. Revlon Lip butter and L'oreal Nutrishine - feels like you have a balm on, not sticky as a gloss though

Round three : Fragrance & Lasting Power
No smell for all lippies. All about the same - dries within 1-2 hours.

Round four : Colour Variation
1. Dior Addict 44 shades
2. Revlon Lip butter 20 shades
3. L'oreal Nutrishine 11 shades

Round five : Cost
1. Revlon lip butter (ebay ~$10-15)
2. L'oreal Nutrishine - when priceline has deals it can range from $10-15
3. Dior addict - you can get it online from strawberry net for ~$30

Round six: Packaging
Everyone has their points...
Dior Addict - sturdy, iridescent case, looks sophisticated. Will be hard to distinguish colour unless you physically open the lipstick
Revlon and L'oreal - both have the cute, transparent image going.
Revlon casing is plastic but the top has a clear area so you are able to see the colour without opening.
L'oreal colour packaging is divided only into pinks, reds, corals, browns. There is no case difference with two different pinks.

& the Winner is..........
Riot ensues from the dearies. I know you wanted blood but honestly it depends on what you want and the compromise you are willing to make.

Personally I would vouch for the Dior addict if you want a natural look and the shades easily would suit anyone's skin tone. I like the fact it doesn't feel sticky on the lips either.However, the cost for something that constantly needs reapplication and double the amount of the other lippies is a factor that needs to be considered. I'd go for the revlon if you are new to bright lipsticks as it is a medium ground for bright shades but without the opaqueness. I don't think L'oreal actually gets much love from bloggers. I think it has some really wearable shades and for the price, why not give it a try. Maybe I'll do a giveaway for the L'oreal sometime.

-your jungle loving, lipstick warrior


  1. I think the L'oreal is perfect on you - I just ordered one of the revlon lip butters hope I love it :o)

    1. thanks Kristy, oooo what colours did you get?

    2. I only bought the one - Pink Truffle

  2. L'oreal looks so good on you!

    1. Awwww, thanks. Maybe I should I wear it more often now. :)

  3. i love dior addict but this new revlon lip butter is very interesting!

    1. yes I love the the dior addict too. the lip butter isn't too bad an alternative.