Saturday, 7 April 2012

Chanel's Peridot Nail Polish $15 on ozsale

Hey Dearies,

I just got Peridot off Kristy's blog sale but I couldn't keep this bargain to myself, ozsale is selling it online for $15 (RRP $39AUD at Myers/David Jones) with shipping at a flat rate of $11 in Australia. Sale ends on Monday 9th of April.

 If you haven't joined ozsale just click the link here, joining is free. By clicking the link it means I referred a friend and will recieve $10 from ozsale for your first purchase. There's no cost to you, so help a nana out but of course, no pressure. I'll still <3 you if you don't click it.

There's a couple of Chanel blushes, lipsticks and foundations on ozsale at the moment. Plus some other designer make up and skin care brands such as Shiseido, Lancome and Estee Lauder and ending Monday too.

Chanel's Peridot swatches coming soon :)

Happy Easter,



  1. What a great bargain! Ill deffinately have to check out that site.