Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Chanel Peridot & Dupes

Well that's one off the wishlist. I have been obsessed with this colour because it reminded me of gold metallic nail foils. I was lucky enough to get this off Polish Haven's blog sale. Kristy was an absolute sweet heart who gave me a freebie nail polish and mints. Peridot (531) is a duochrome green and gold from Chanel's 2011 Fall polish line. It is one of the most unique nail colours I have ever seen but it makes me feel like a swamp monster or a gladiator. Sexy, I know.

Gosh, it was difficult to capture the different sides of peridot so I give you many shots to peruse. It's my first Chanel nail polish and I'm impressed. Formula was smooth and only required one coat. Still in terms of cost I wouldn't buy anymore unless the colour was unique. Peridot is nothing like a metallic gold foil nail sticker that I had hoped for. I'll actually have to buy those one day unless anyone has a nail polish suggestion for gold foils?

Retail price for peridot at Myers or David Jones is $39 AUD. For those who weren't lucky enough to the get the polish from a blog sale or the ozsale deal , two exact dupes are available:
Sexy lochness monster,



  1. It is a gorgeous polish.
    My Mom came over today and I did her nails. One hand was this and the other was Jessica Iridescent eye. They looked the same but of course Mom preferred Chanel :)

    1. you can do a test on her then and see which one lasts longer haha. thats sweet that you do her nails for her. Chanel does have its charm.

  2. That's a gorgeous color, but I think you can pull off anything. You have sexy nails! :)

    Glad you got the code. I e-mailed you. I hope you got the e-mail. :)

    1. hahah thanks Ahleessa, I don;t think I've ever heard anyone use the term sexy nails, i guess now I have.

      yep. got the email. omgness I spend it yesterday because there was a 20% off sale on top of that. Was epic. Should get it in 3 days..