Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Look at me when I'm talking to you!

Gotta love sourcefed, it's my new form of news entertainment. Quick snippets because I don't have a long enough attention span. 

The video is about a book by psychologist Sherry Turkle who discusses our emotional connection with our smart phones. Her points are we believe we have control over where we direct our attention and zone out of the real world into our electronic ones when events get boring. Second, the feeling of being in touch with "friends" and events constantly through social media. Our smart phone is now like a security blanket constantly by our sides. Like Linus from Peanuts.

Linus, why do you need the blankie when snoopy is next to you?!

She goes on to say we are more vulnerable to loneliness these days if we constantly need to feel connected online and the loss of face to face intimacy through social media. And yadda yadda about expressions of feelings - you can read it here and an analytical criticism of her theory. 

This just brings up my pet peeve, which of course I being the hypocrite do at times, I just find over the years when I am at an outing and sit at a table of 10 people with everyone on their smart phone. I find it annoying that I physically drove out here to be with someone and they are spending half their time being "connected" with their phone. Wait, is that saying I'm a boring dinner guest? 

Are you one of the "connected"? 

electronic dinners don't taste the same,


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