Saturday, 21 July 2012

neon & pastels

Following this winter pastels trend going on in the fashion chain stores, I  decided to chuck in a fluro yellow triangle to mix it up. You can see I did the triangles in two different methods because the left one isn't really triangular and the right one is more opaque and crisp. 

Tools: Revlon lilac pastelle, ulta 3 citus, eyebrow scissors and tape.
I just started off with base coat and painting all my nails with lilac pastelle. The left triangle I cut two pieces of tape and covered my nail so it left a triangle space for me to paint with citrus. Waited for it to dry and then peeled it off the tape. It was hard to make sharp lines with this method because citrus wasn't opaque enough with one coat and wouldn't dry very well. When I peeled it off bits of the polish I needed to form the triangle started coming off too. 

The right triangle on my nail was done by painting tape. waited for polish to dry on tape and cut triangle shapes to stick on the nail. After I used a top coat. Overall the painted tape looks neater and stands out more, however it stuck on for about 3 days before peeling off. Either way I would still use the sticker method for triangles next time. Less of a mess and it looks nicer. 

I don't think pastels look good for winter but reminds me of spring. So I'm waiting a couple of months before I start wearing pastel dresses!

P.S I failed no buy July :( I got 3 ulta 3 fluros and some chanel lipsticks. I have no will power. 
Ah well ...



  1. This looks lovely! I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Please follow my link to check it out :)

  2. I'm not a massive fan of fluro, but I like that you did it in a way that wasn't really in-your-face :)

    I want to nominate you for the Liebster Award as well, follow my blog back for the Award!

    (If you've already been nominated don't feel you need to post about it twice!)