Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wishlist: Nail polish collections 2012

I'm just going to quickly run over some of the upcoming nail polish collections and point out my favourites.  First off is a collaboration that makes more sense than pirates, spiders and cowboys with nail polish and it is the Hed Kandi (House music brand) x Model's Own nail polish. The collection will be released in early April in the UK. Ibiza mix makes me want to dance but upon the realization that shipping costs to Australia ($20-50AUD alone!) from Model's Own website is a major party pooper. 

O.P.I's spiderman collection out in May. Pinch of pretty already has swatches. Personally I love metallic colours and that duochrome gold/green is high on my want list. When I first looked at it, it did resemble Chanel's peridot. Luckily, there is a comparison between the two here. The O.P.I one looks like a more affordable dupe. This colour makes me want to scale the walls on all eight  four...

O.P.I's New York City Ballet Collection is out in April with 5 sheer colours and 1 hexagonal glitter polish. Beauty Junkies Unite has swatches available already. I'm not a fan of soft shades because usually there's a very subtle difference. This collection contains a sheer tinted grey colour that I haven't seen before and beauty gurus have been raving about its uniqueness. Just looking at the swatches, I'm not a huge fan at all. I'm all  for the glitter polish which looks like a clear base with big chunks of hexagonal glitter and micro glitter. 

There is no release date for the Bohemian duochromes from China Glaze as of yet. I'm going on another peridot rant and there looks like another dupe in this collection! 

That's it for wishlist for now. 

-Peridot obsessed 


  1. hey there nana, its tara from osirisand loki paint their nails, FYI the orly polishes i got were gorgeous and take a chance. i also got the week before fifty four and sugar.

    1. hey tara,

      nice colours! Its amazing to see ORLY in priceline for $5. I got take a chance too. The other colours I got I didn't expect them to be so sheer - a copper colour, a green one and sweet tart. I gave them to a friend.