Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Miss Haggle Hart

I blame my family and the economy. I am an extreme bargain hunter. Retail prices are for suckers.

I think it may of begun when I saw my dad haggle at an electronic store. That night I was watching the Simpsons on our 40% off LG plasma television. Why ever pay full price I thought.
I have a slightly above average pay scale for the odd twenty something year old but even so I will fight tooth and nail for that discount.

I always wondered if with age my buying habits would change. I still don't have the heart to part with my cash for upscale designer brands. Fashion trends continually recycle. Is it ever worth paying a week's pay on something that may go out of style in the next season? Maybe  finding "The One" item is like finding Mr./Mrs Right, as the infamous lyrics of Mr Buble "I just haven't met you yet..."

Have you found your everlasting love? "The one"? (partner or fashion must have :p)

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