Wednesday, 21 March 2012

So back to my crazy cat lady stories...

So this is my new nail swatch...don't mind me, forgot to shave. Jokes aside, this is actually a new discovery for me. Pet nail polish. I was searching for some nail polish and stumbled across a version of designer dog nail polish. O.P.I had released an animal friendly nail polish range in 2007 called 'pawlish', fortunately/unfortunately it has been discontinued. This is just bizzare for me and unneccessary. It reminds me of playing computer games where you dress up your neopet but this is applied to the non electronic version.

Are you going to purchase these for your little diddums?


  1. So cute though quite unnecessary. I'm a new follower by the way. Your blog is interesting!

    Ps. found your blog through soompi ^^


    1. hey,
      thanks for following fellow soompier! so see you around in another post. haha

  2. hehe, I tried the stick on nails for both my Dog and Kittie... Unfortunately the ones I got for my dog were too small for him! He needs a trim- but when I tried to do it, I chickened out.

    The ones I got for my cat did fit, but he started getting finicky and jumped off my lap. He had flicked and bitten them all off in like 3 mins!! haha/grrr

    I can and will be trying again! I got the ones for my dog for purely aesthetic reasons, but I actually needed the ones for my cat, as he was leaving scratch marks on the wooden floorboards. Eeep.

    P.S- New follower... Followed you from Vogue :D

    1. hi there Missy,

      a fellow voguette! oh i see so there are practical reasons. I guess its a fashionable way to keep your floorboards scratch free. i'll have to watch your blog for updates on their nails.