Sunday, 20 May 2012

My first venture into the Ulta-terestial (Ulta3 nails)

Let's go back a few years, when I was an oil-soaked working teen in the fast food industry. When I got my pay I would spend it on comics or soft toys. I never bothered with beauty products but on the rare occasion I would go buy myself a $2 nail polish from the pharmacy. They were absolutely horrid; streaky formula, needed a thousand coats and smelt like death in a bottle. I never looked back when I got my hands on my first china glaze bottle.

Yet, the beautiful ladies on the Australian vogue forum had created a 250 page thread on an Aussie brand nail polish I had never heard before. Ulta 3 is a pharmacy-bin-diving-$2-trendy-range of nail polishes. With the fear of horrible nail polish instilled in me verses the bargain brain, curious cat that I am....the cat won. 

As you can see below, I decided to wear earl grey (a grey with a slight taupe) for a week. When I first spread that colour onto my nail, I was amazed. This was what I believed was my ideal polish in terms of formula and opaqueness. This was a one coat with a natural shine, no mess or streaks. Very slight chipping at the tips occurred later in the week. On the seventh day, my friend was surprised I had this polish on for a week, it looked brand new to her. I couldn't believe this godsend cost me only a gold coin.

first day
seventh day

However, I can only rave about Ulta 3's earl grey (Made in Australia). Ulta 3 has recently moved their manufacturing to China (Made in PRC on the back). There is a bit of debate over the quality after the move. Some say the brush is worse from China but colour is more opaque. The bunch I bought, I had a few made in PRC and Australia. The other polishes were a bit of a hit or miss, no matter where they came from. 

I am a bit disappointed that Ulta 3 aren't Aussie produced anymore. I'll continue to purchase them if the quality is still good for what I'm paying for and if the colours suit my taste. Plus I'll be on the hunt for the 'Made in Australia' versions. 

Overall, quality $2 nail polish isn't from the twilight zone and possible with Ulta 3.

Would you still purchase Ulta 3 nail polishes produced in PRC?

Ulta impressed, < 3



  1. Love my Ulta3 polishes - especially useful for nail art :) I find the brushes/formula are usually a hit or a miss.

    1. i haven't had trouble so far...fingers crossed :)