Sunday, 13 May 2012

Essence Vampire's Love nail polish auction. Any takers?

Happy mother's day lovelies,

 Remember it's a day to honour the woman who gave you life but don't forget that it shouldn't be only today that you show her your appreciation.

24/5/12 - ITEM TAKEN :)
Moving on, I found these bad boys in my closet. I had got these Essence Vampire's Love nail polish  for an online swap but the person bailed. I've swatched these once. I'm still borderline wanting to sell these because they are limited edition but with the right offer I might let them go. Postage in Australia $7 (maybe further if you are willing to pay).  No single sales.

Swatches for colours here: gold old buffy, the dawn is broken, into the dark and hunt me if you can.

Comment below for offers.



  1. Hi! I'm interested in these.... I could swap you for the Chanel Black Pearl if interested, it's BNIB. LMK, thanks! I'm in the US.

    1. oooo i would love to but ive heard stories about customs being really strict in the US about nail polish. is this true?

    2. Hmm, I haven't heard that... I've done several international swaps on MUA(including Aus) and the only time I've had trouble was with Slovenia. The Muaer said Slovenia customs had the packages, not the US. As long as you put "used cosmetics" and not nail polish on the declaration form, it should be ok. I can link you to me MUA feedback if that helps. LMK, thanks!

    3. sure, sounds good. can you send me your feedback to my email mnguyen9095atgmaildotcom ?